Summer Conferences

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2024 Conference Dates: June 20, 2024 – August 10th, 2024

Every summer, Conference & Event Services at the University of Denver hosts over 6,000 guests for our Summer Conference Program. With more than 60 educational camps, conferences, and programs, we are a one-stop-shop destination for both your conference housing and event needs. Above all, we are committed to excellence and we strive to elevate your on-campus overnight experience.

We are conveniently located just minutes from downtown Denver offering seven unique housing accommodations, over 180+ event venues, a newly built dining facility, advanced technology, sustainability, and so much more. We can’t wait for you to discover summer on the University of Denver’s campus!

Fill out a Request for Proposal today to connect with our team on group rates and room block availability!


Summer Housing & Dining

The University of Denver operates a total of seven residence halls to meet your summer housing needs. We also offer full and partial meal plans at our central dining location located in the newly built Community Commons. We invite you to learn more about our residence hall features and amenities below.

Booking Process

To obtain availability and pricing please fill out a Request for Proposal or contact the Associate Director of Summer Conferencing at You will need to provide the following information:

  • Brief description of your event and organization
  • Event dates (1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices)
  • Meeting room needs
  • AV and catering needs
  • Other event details

Summer Internship Housing

The University of Denver (DU) is now accepting applications for Summer 2024 Internship Housing! 

Please take some time to review additional details by clicking the More Info link below. If you have questions or would like to review pricing, please contact Conference & Event Services at

Date Availability: June 20th – August 4th, 2024

You can download a basic summary of policies and procedures for summer conferences taking place on campus. This does not include all policies and it does not replace the Event Rental and Services Agreement (contract), which contains a detailed explanation of all policies and procedures.

  • Deposit: 30% of total – due upon signing of the Agreement
  • 2nd payment: 20% of total – due 60 business days prior to Event
  • 3rd payment: balance – due 10 business days prior to Event
  • Balance of final invoice: due within 30 days of receiving final invoice

Local sales taxes will be applied unless proof of tax exempt status is provided. Simply having a non-profit status under federal IRS rules does not automatically carry an exemption from local state and city taxes. Taxes cannot be waived unless documents are received and criteria listed below has been met.

  1. City of Denver Tax Exempt Form
  2. Out-of-State Business Criteria

Without such documentation, the University of Denver is required by law to apply the following taxes:

Lodging Tax: 14.75%
Food and Beverage Tax: 8%

All clients are required to secure a commercial general liability insurance policy for a minimum limit of $1 million per occurrence and $2 million in the aggregate, including coverage for fire damage of at least $300,000 per occurrence. The policy must be valid for the dates and times of the event, and include the University of Denver as an additional insured.

As evidence of such coverage, the client must provide the University with a certificate of insurance (COI) at least 30 days prior to the event.

The University is dedicated to the safety and welfare of minors on the University’s campus. All events must adhere to the Protection of Minors on Campus policy. In accordance with this policy, the following procedures apply. The client must inform, and provide proper training to, its chaperones, employees, volunteers, and representatives regarding these procedures. 


  • Always be vigilant in protecting the well-being and safety of all minors and be familiar with University safety, security, and emergency procedures.
  • Demonstrate respectful behavior toward minors; do not engage in abuse or neglect of any kind toward, or in the presence of, a minor.
  • When having a one-on-one interaction with a minor, meet in an open, well-illuminated space or whenever reasonably feasible and practical.
  • Do not provide alcohol, tobacco products, or illegal drugs to a minor.
  • Do not engage in any sexually oriented behavior with a minor.
  • Do not touch a minor in a manner that a reasonable person could interpret as inappropriate.


  • Report immediately to the University Department of Campus Safety suspected or actual instances of abuse or neglect of any minor on the University campus. Campus Safety can be reached at any time at 303-871-3000.
  • When required by Colorado law, report to appropriate state or local government officials suspected or actual instances of abuse or neglect.


For every minor attending the Event unaccompanied by a parent or legal guardian:

  • Obtain permission from the minor’s parent or legal guardian before the minor can participate in the Event.
  • Maintain procedures for notifying parents or legal guardians of minors in case of emergency, and provide information to parents or legal guardians about how to report concerns about any incidents that may have occurred during the minor’s participation in the Event.
  • The University recommends obtaining a medical release for hospital and/or physician treatment signed by at least one parent or legal guardian.


  • Ensure adequate supervision of minors (children under the age of 18) by chaperones at all times. Chaperones must be an adult (over the age of 18).
  • The University requires a minimum of one chaperone for every 12 minors, but recommends the following supervision ratios, when appropriate:
    • Minors ages 4-5 – one chaperone for every 6 minors.
    • Minors ages 6-8 – one chaperone for every 8 minors.
    • Minors ages 9-14 – one chaperone for every 10 minors.
    • Minors ages 15-17 – one chaperone for every 12 minors.
  • When supervising minors overnight, chaperones must not enter a minor’s room, suite, bathroom, or similar area without a second chaperone present or in the immediate vicinity.
  • Conduct a criminal background check on all chaperones, employees, volunteers, and representatives supervising or having regular interaction with minors at the Event. Criminal background checks are the sole responsibility and expense of the client. Client shall be responsible for assessing whether or not to exclude from participation in the Event any chaperone, employee, volunteer, or representative whose background check contains a conviction or other adverse information. Conducting background checks does not release or limit the client of any liabilities to University arising from the actions of the client’s chaperones, employees, volunteers or representatives.


Final meeting room needs must be received no later than 30 days prior to the date needed and are subject to availability.

The booking start time is when the client, its staff, or any vendors need to access the room(s) for any event preparations. Similarly, the booking end time is when the client, its staff, or any vendors have already vacated the facility.


The use of adhesives, nails, or items that may damage the premises are not allowed. Charges will be assessed on the Final Invoice for any damages to rooms, buildings, furniture, lawns and/or equipment.


Room blocks are based upon the estimated attendance provided by the client at the time of requesting a contract. The client may add or release rooms in the room block, subject to availability, at any point after signing the contract until the Housing Guarantee deadline. Clients should inform their event manager of any changes as soon as possible.


The Housing Guarantee is due no later than 15 calendar days prior to the group’s check-in date. Upon conclusion of the event, the University will charge the client based on the Guarantee or the actual attendance, whichever is higher.


Clients are responsible for assigning guests to rooms. After receipt of the Housing Guarantee, a blank rooming list will be provided for this purpose. The final Rooming List is due no later than 5 business days prior to check-in. Please note:

  • Assignments must be gender-specific within rooms and suites. In non-air-conditioned buildings, each floor must be entirely gender-specific.
  • Adults may not share rooms or suites with minors.
  • Exceptions to the above can be made in family situations and are subject to the University’s approval.


Check-in is after 12:00 PM and check-out prior to 10:00 AM. Early check-ins or late check-outs are subject to the University’s approval and may incur additional fees. The entire group must check-in and check-out on the same date and time period.

All room keys must be returned to the residence hall front desk at the time of check-out. If a guest leaves without returning the room key, the University will proceed to replace the lock and add this cost to the conference invoice.


The minimum age for overnight guests in the residence halls is 8 years of age.


Meal plans are based upon the estimated attendance and meal schedule provided by the client at the time of requesting a contract. The client may change the meal plan, subject to availability, at any point after signing the contract until the Meal Guarantee deadline. Clients should inform their event manager of any changes as soon as possible.


The Meal Guarantee is due no later than 15 calendar days prior to the group’s check-in date. Upon conclusion of the event, the University will charge the client based on the Guarantee or the actual use, whichever is higher.


While meal plans can be customized for each group, all participants within a group must be on the same meal plan. In the case of groups that have overnight vs. commuter guests, two meal plans can be made available. However, individual exceptions to the group’s meal plan(s) cannot be accommodated.

In addition, each group will be assigned a time frame for each meal in order to avoid long lines and provide expedite service.

Audiovisual (AV), video, and other technology requests are due no later than 10 business days prior to the event. The University cannot guarantee services for late requests and late fees may apply. In addition, cancelling scheduled services less than 10 business days prior to the event may result in late cancellation fees.

All vehicles on campus must display a valid parking permit issued by the University of Denver. Permits must be valid for the date, time, and specific parking lot where the vehicle is situated.

Street parking on campus is very limited, so visitors are encouraged to budget for the purchase of a parking permit or make other arrangements.

Parking for overnight guests may be arranged in two ways:

  1. Guest(s) may purchase the permit at the front desk on check-in day (cash only).
  2. Permits are pre-ordered (cost added to the conference invoice) and distributed to guest(s) at check-in.

We can also arrange commuter permits for non-overnight guests, as well as visitor “coupon codes” (hourly lots only) for other special guests or speakers at your event. Please contact your event manager for costs and to determine which options are best for your conference needs.


Special arrangements need to be made for buses, vans, or over-sized vehicles, which will not fit through the clearance in most parking lots. It is therefore very important for conference planners to notify their DU event manager in advance in order to make these arrangements.

It is both the the client’s and the University’s responsibility to provide facility accommodations for guests with a disability or medical condition. Therefore, it is imperative that the client inform the University if any guests or potential guests are in need of such accommodations.

In some cases, the University may request additional information from the guest in order to determine appropriate measures.

It is the client’s sole responsibility and expense to provide disability or medical accommodations pertaining to the program or content of the event. If necessary, the University may provide the User with a list of providers of assistive services.

For additional information on guest accommodations please review the University’s Inclusive Meeting & Event Checklist.

ONLY animals trained to assist the disabled are allowed in University facilities.

Candles & Fireworks
The use of candles on the University campus requires a Special Event Open Flame Permit issued by the City and County of Denver. Should the client wish to light candles, the client is responsible for securing this permit and providing a copy to the event manager 10 business days prior to the event.

The use of fireworks (including sparklers) is not allowed on the University of Denver campus.

Smoke-free Policy
The University of Denver campus is 100% smoke free. Smoking is not allowed indoors or outdoors on campus property; this does not apply to sidewalks or other public areas surrounding the campus.

Only animals trained to assist the disabled are allowed in University facilities. Details for these accommodations should be worked out with your assigned Event Manager.