Internal Events

Faculty and Staff

This page is intended to guide you in the process of coordinating campus facilities and services for an internal event. Internal events can be characterized as programs and events that fulfill or support the mission of the University, are funded by University resources, and are planned and supervised by a University department or recognized student organization in good standing. For internal events, event logistics are managed by a designated University representative.

Ready to begin coordinating your internal event? Please fill out a Request for Proposal and an Event Manager will you guide you through the process.

Student Organizations

Students planning an event through a DU student organization should submit an Event Form through Crimson Connect at least 3 weeks prior to the event. For questions regarding this form or the process, please contact The Office of Student Engagement at

Internal Events Planning Guide

The following guide is intended to provide DU faculty and staff with a basic understanding of how to coordinate facilities and services on campus for an internal event. Large or complex events may require additional steps and/or approvals.

If you need further clarification on how to navigate things, email us at and we can help you along the way.

25Live User Guides

The following guides are intended to provide DU faculty and staff with a basic understanding of how to use 25Live to reserve locations on campus.

If you wish to attend a training on how to use the 25Live software, a schedule of available trainings can be found in the Training module of the Employee tab in PioneerWeb.

If your role/responsibilities include approving requests in 25Live, one on one trainings can be scheduled by contacting the Scheduling Manager at Conference & Event Services.

Virtual Events on Campus

Virtual events on campus have grown in popularity and it can be difficult to sort out what type of virtual event is right for your event and what resources are available to you on campus. Conference & Event Services has compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions and resources to help you navigate through your planning process. 

If you seek additional information or advice, please email us at and we’ll be happy to assist in any way we can! 

Internal Events Planning Guide


Before you narrow down a location for your event, we recommend taking the following precautions to ensure a smooth process:

  • Check with the appropriate room scheduler regarding any event policies and procedures, which may vary between locations.
  • Be sure to block off enough time for room set-up and strike, if applicable.
  • Be aware of building hours so that you can make arrangements if your event is scheduled outside of these hours.
  • Be informed of what tables, AV or other equipment is available in your event space and request any additional items in advance.
  • Book a rain venue if the event is outdoors.

25Live Room Requests

Many rooms on campus can be reserved using 25Live. Simply log-in with your webCentral credentials to create and submit your event request. Your request is then sent to a scheduler who will approve or deny your event. Submitting a request does NOT guarantee use of a space until the scheduler has approved it.

Here is a list of popular locations that can be found on 25Live:

Other Room Requests

The following locations are not currently on 25Live:

Please refer to the Facilities Event Set-up & Production Services website for information on requesting a room set-up or other equipment (e.g. tables and chairs) for your event. You will have to submit your request through a facilities work order. Conference & Event Services recommends including a room diagram when appropriate, and including your event details in a clear, concise format like in the example below.


Contact:      Jane Doe, 1-XXXX,
Location:     Davis Auditorium, Sturm Hall
Event:         Conference XYZ
Date:          10/25/13
Start-End:    9 AM – 12 PM
Set by:        7:30 AM
Strike after: 1 PM
Request:      Set 3 X 6′ banquet tables and 4 X white plastic folding chairs outside on 2nd floor hallway for registration. Set 4 X 6′ banquet tables and 8 X white plastic folding chairs on center stage for speaker panel. Set podium downstage right. Please see diagram attached.

In addition to ensuring a clean room prior to your event, it is important ensure it is cleaned AFTER your event. You may also want to address the cleanliness of restrooms and other areas where attendees may go.

Be sure to check with the appropriate scheduler regarding any building clean-up policies. In most cases, you will have to submit your clean-up request through a facilities work order. Conference & Event Services recommends stating your request in a clear, concise format like the example below.


Contact:   John Doe, 1-XXXX,
Location:  Davis Auditorium, Sturm Hall
Date:       10/25/13
Request:  Clean Auditorium by 7 AM on 10/25/13 prior to event. Check nearby restrooms for cleanliness as well. Please clean Auditorium again after 1 PM.

Depending on the nature of the event, there are other things you may need to coordinate via a facilities work order:

  • Weather: Do you need snow removal?
  • H-VAC: Will there be AC/heat during your event if it is outside of building/business hours?
  • Outdoor events: Will the sprinklers be on? Will your event require staking into the grass (e.g. tent)?

For answers to these and other work order questions, please refer to the Facilities Management & Planning website.

AV and Video Services

Coordinating audiovisual (AV) needs can vary between locations on campus, which is why it is important to first check with the appropriate room scheduler for guidance.

Most locations are serviced by University Libraries. This includes event AV services, classroom support, and video services. Please visit the Digital Media, University Video & AV Services website for more information.

Guest Internet Access

If you are expecting any speakers or attendees that are not DU-affiliated, it may be necessary to arrange guest wireless internet access. Please visit the University Technology Services website for more information.


Catering services in nearly all locations* can be arranged through DU Flavours by Sodexo, the University’s primary food service provider. Please visit the DU Flavours website for more information, including menus and pricing.

*Sodexo catering services may not be arranged for events in the Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management (KSHM).

Outside Caterers

Outside catering services can only be arranged in campus locations that do not have an exclusive caterer. The following campus locations are exclusive to DU Flavours by Sodexo:

The Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management provides in-house exclusive catering services and therefore does not allow outside caterers either.

All other locations not mentioned above may allow outside catering services.


Alcohol policies vary between campus locations, so please check with your event scheduler for this information. In general, the catering exclusive locations listed above also own the venue’s liquor license. This means that alcohol may only be purchased from the caterer or entity owning the liquor license.

When working with an outside caterer in a non-catering-exclusive location, please keep in mind that alcohol should only be served by a licensed bartender. Additionally, if your event involves the SALE of alcohol, you will need to secure a Special Event Liquor License through the City and County of Denver.

Waste Bins

Proper waste bins need to be ordered through Conversions for all campus events that have 10 or more attendees and food. Conversion orders should be clear about what type and how many bins are needed. Ordering waste bins is essential for the success of a zero waste event. Waste bins can be ordered through the Facilities Management Work Order website. 

To learn more about limiting waste during events, please review the Zero Waste Event Guide for additional information.

The University of Denver is committed to decreasing event waste on campus. To learn more about limiting waste during events, please review the Zero Waste Event Guide for additional information. 

Please visit the Parking & Transportation website for information regarding special event parking. Permits can be ordered through the online request form.

If you are planning a summer conference or other program involving on-campus housing during the summer, please contact the Sales Manager to obtain information on availability and pricing. Please contact:

Cortney Hallagin
303-871-4957 (direct) 

Please also be sure to visit our Summer Conferences page for additional information.

It is both the client’s and the University’s responsibility to provide facility accommodations for guests with a disability or medical condition. Therefore, it is imperative that the client inform the University if any guests or potential guests are in need of such accommodations.

In some cases, the University may request additional information from the guest in order to determine appropriate measures.

It is the client’s sole responsibility and expense to provide disability or medical accommodations pertaining to the program or content of the event. If necessary, the University may provide the client with a list of providers of assistive services.

For additional information information on guest accommodations please review the University’s Visitor Accessibility Accommodations website.

ONLY animals trained to assist the disabled are allowed in University facilities.

Depending on the nature and scope of your event, you may need to refer to other departments on campus for additional guidance.


Please visit the Campus Safety and Emergency Preparedness websites for information on what to do in the event of an emergency.

Risk Management

Certain events may require a Risk Assessment in order to minimize the University’s risk. When working with third party vendors or entities, you may also be required to obtain a Certificate of Insurance (COI) from the vendor or entity, in order to protect the interests of the University. Please visit the Risk Management website for additional information on risk assessments and the COI process.


Please be sure you are following the University’s purchasing policies listed on the Purchasing Services website, if applicable.

Contracts & Legal

Should you have any questions about contracts or other legal matters, please contact the Office of University Counsel.