What Makes DU a Special Place to Host Events: The Insider Scoop From an Events Intern

With my second year at DU just a few weeks away from being completed, I have attended, worked, and helped plan over 80 events. These events range from small business meetings for external companies, to a 90’s themed event for students complete with jumpers, a gourmet French fry food truck, and a fanny pack decoration table (yes, it was as incredible as it sounds!). Seeing these events come to life on campus has made me realize what a wonderful place DU is, and how perfect it can be for an event venue. Living and working on campus has given me a unique perspective that I am excited to share with you! I’m going to give you the inside scoop of what exactly makes DU a special place to host events.

The Campus

When I was making my college decision two years ago, I knew that DU has a great business school, but one of the main things that sealed the deal for me was just how beautiful the campus is. Nearly every building is made of beautiful red brick, which I believe truly matches the Denver aesthetic. A few of them even have different colored towers and domes that can be seen across campus and from the city. Not only do the buildings look classy, but DU is also designated as the Chester A. Alter Arboretum, so there’s a large variety of beautiful trees around campus. Add to this the tranquil water features between the library and the school of International Studies, and you have a space that makes for incredible photos! Whether you’re getting married or hosting an educational conference, your guests won’t want to stop taking pictures, and neither will you!

The Food

I’m a college student, so of course I have to mention food! Typically, the food for most of the events on campus is provided by our catering company, Flavours by Sodexo. As an Intern for the Conference and Event Services team, I have been able to attend many events that have used Flavours by Sodexo catering. I have also had the privilege of attending their tasting events where they introduce new items on the menu. Not only is the food absolutely incredible, but the presentation is stunning, making for Instagram-worthy photos! Events in the Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management however, have food prepared by their own Knoebel Events staff. The food prepared by Knoebel Events is just as mouthwatering. I have personally worked on their banquet staff for over a year now so I’ve had the chance to taste most of the food on the menu, and they have a wonderful variety! Both Sodexo and Knoebel Events are extremely cautious when it comes to allergens too; when made aware of allergies beforehand, they will be sure to have a special dish ready for the guests who need it. Whether your event is catered by Sodexo or prepared by Knoebel Events, your guests will be sure to leave with full, satisfied bellies!

The Possibilities

At DU, you aren’t limited to a couple of classrooms or a gym when you book a space for an event. There is such a wide variety of venue spaces that can accommodate any kind of event! We’ve hosted high school robotics competitions, outdoor concerts, weddings, and even held a presidential debate in 2012! Even after living on campus for two years, there are still spaces that I “discover” all the time that are just calling out for an event to be held there. Whatever your event dreams, we have the perfect space for it!

These three things are just a glimpse of what makes events at DU so special, and I hope that you’ll personally come discover everything else that the campus has to offer soon!


Written by: Hannah Hinds


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