Scenery Insights of DU’s Arboretum

There is no denying that the University of Denver (DU) campus is beautiful with its green spaces, abundant flowers, and impressive buildings but did you know that DU is a certified arboretum? Below are some special places you should checkout next time you wander around campus!

Right outside Evans Memorial Chapel, a gorgeous venue for weddings, you will find a Weeping Fruitless Mulberry whose native range is China. They bloom in the spring and prefer full sun so are perfect for Denver’s beautiful weather.
Carnegie Green-1
Around the perimeter of Carnegie Green, you will find a Common Hackberry which produces small berries that ripen in fall attracting birds and other animals, a Colorado Spruce which is the state tree of Colorado, an Eastern Cottonwood which is the largest Cottonwood in DU’s collection, and a Hot Wings Tatarian Maple which is known for its brilliant red sumaras.
In Harper Humanities Garden, which is often used for outdoor summer weddings, you can find a Thornless Common Honeylocust which turns yellow or yellow green in fall, and a Pioneer Elm which can grow to roughly 50 feet high and 50 feet wide.
Harper Humanities Garden-2
Near Daniels College of Business, on the Grad Green, a Green Ash tree can be found. The Green Ash is native to the U.S. and Canada. Green Ash have a fast growth rate as they can grow more than 2 feet a year. Their leaves turn a vibrant yellow in the fall.

We are so lucky to be apart of DU and to help coordinate events around campus so everyone can enjoy its beauty. Planning an event? Check out our website to look through the stunning venues we offer!