As the demand for sustainable meeting practices increases, Conference and Event Services (CES) is proud to offer options consistent with The University of Denver’s (DU) promise to be carbon neutral by 2050.

LEED Certified Buildings

All new construction at DU is built to Silver LEED Standards. One of our popular venues, Ruffatto Hall, is Gold LEED certified and features; high performance glass in all windows to reduce UV and infrared transmission in the building, water efficient landscaping that reduces water consumption by 50 percent, and indoor movement-sensor electric lighting designed to use 40 percent less energy.

Reducing Paper Waste

The EPA estimates that paper accounts for almost 40 percent of all waste. DU’s Recycling Program involves thousands of recycling bins located next to nearly every trash receptacle on campus.

Free high-speed WiFi is offered to all our meeting guests and including top of the line technology in our most popular meeting spaces. You can reduce the total amount of paper materials by using online registration and check-in, encouraging the use of electronic presentations, and distributing disk handouts.

Food Waste Reduction

The NY Times reports 60 million metric tons of food, worth $162 billion, is wasted each year in the United States.

DU’s onsite caterer suggests that meeting planners provide an accurate count of registered guests to avoid unnecessary catering expense and waste. Boxed lunches served in disposable packaging reduces food waste while overages can be donated to students or local shelters.

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Read more about sustainability on our campus by visiting the DU Center for Sustainability webpage at

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