As event planners know: nothing is permanent when organizing events. Details often change at the last minute. The more you can “go-with-the-flow”, the more positive the end result will be.  Lucky for you, the Event Managers at Conference and Event Services (CES) have the ability to adjust to the immediate needs of a situation while remaining professional and calm during periods of chaos. With more than 30 years of combined experience, our creative and service-oriented team can quickly handle any challenge.

Woman crossing out plan A and writing plan B

Always have a Plan B


The professional team at CES has a vast amount of experience in the event management business, but our backgrounds and education include other industries as well, such as: hotel and conventions, marketing and sales, retail, and real estate. Our diverse experience helps us to “think like the client” and anticipate unspoken needs. For example: DU recently hosted a Denver Public Schools (DPS) conference for over 300 teachers. With our creative guidance, DPS chose to utilize six food trucks on the Driscoll Green to offer unique, onsite lunch options. With food trucks on campus, attendees didn’t need to leave campus to grab a bite to eat between sessions. This solution provided networking opportunities during lunch and increased the likelihood the afternoon sessions would begin on time.

Our event team also includes hard-working, creative student employees. Knowledgeable about DU’s campus and eager to share their innovative ideas, our student employees are invaluable members of the CES team. Delegating tasks to student employees, allows our Event Managers to focus on client relations and high-priority details.

Not every event requires the same solution. The experience and flexibility of DU’s Conference and Event Services team, increases the likelihood that your event will be a memorable one. When you book a venue at the University of Denver, you are backed by a team of dedicated professionals who manage the behind-the-scenes essentials that elevate the experience for you and your guests.

To start planning your event with CES: send us a Request for Proposal, call 303-871-4333 to speak to a CES team member, or send us an email at[/fusion_text]