When do I pay for my event?2017-12-13T08:22:28-07:00

Two (2) payments are due prior to the Event and one (1) payment after the Event as outlined below:

Deposit: equal to 50% of the Event’s Total Outstanding Charges

Second Payment: User agrees to pay the Total Outstanding Charges no later than 15 business days prior to the Event. Failure to pay may result in a delay or cancellation of the Event.

Final Payment: Charges for added services and/or damages incurred during the Event will be reflected in the Final Invoice, which will be sent to the User within 30 days after the Event.

Do you take credit card payments?2016-06-25T10:29:46-06:00

Yes, we can take credit card payments up to $5,000 and are also able to store the information on file following all PCI compliant regulations.

Do you take cash payments?2017-01-09T19:01:00-07:00

No, we do not accept cash. We can accept personal checks or credit card payments over the phone.

Can I bring my own food or hire an external caterer for my event?2016-06-25T10:28:40-06:00

Outside caterers are only allowed in certain locations and are subject to the University’s approval. We provide on-site catering services through DU Flavours by Sodexo.

How can I schedule a site visit?2016-06-25T10:27:39-06:00

Email or call our office with three separate days and times that work with your schedule and an Event Manger will contact you to confirm a site visit. Site visits are typically conducted Tuesday through Friday from 9am to 4pm.

Can I have alcohol at my event?2018-01-03T12:23:55-07:00

Alcohol may only be served by a licensed bartender. Alcohol in catering-exclusive locations must be purchased from the entity owning the liquor license.

If the event takes place in a non-catering-exclusive location and it involves the sale of alcohol, the client will be responsible for securing a Special Event Liquor License through the City and County of Denver.

Can I get in the night before to setup and decorate the room?2016-06-25T10:26:08-06:00

Setup the night before is determined by room availability. We are able to secure some items depending on their location, however, this is not guaranteed and the University cannot be held responsible for any times that are stored overnight.

Do I need to get any special insurance? 2016-06-25T10:25:39-06:00

DU requires proof of general liability insurance for all events. If you do not have this type of coverage, you may purchase a tenant user policy (TULIP) through DU’s provider. To obtain a quote, please ask your event manager for the appropriate document.

Who do I contact to book a room or venue on campus?2016-06-25T10:24:47-06:00

Due to class schedules and academic activities, each building and/or venue on campus has a different scheduler. Please refer to the Event Planning Guide for instructions on how to best request a room on campus.

Who can plan a meeting or event for my unit?2016-06-25T10:23:53-06:00

If the event is on campus, all steps outlined in the Event Planning Guide must be handled by a DU faculty or staff member. This is particularly important when an internal event involves participation from an external (non-DU) organization. In this case, it is the sponsoring (internal) unit’s responsibility to fulfill these steps. CES does offer services to assist in the planning process.

How far in advance to I need to schedule a room or venue?2016-06-25T10:23:23-06:00

We recommend you reserve your room 6 months prior to your event. To ensure a timely response, submit requests at least 10 business days prior to your event date.

Can I reserve the Renaissance Room? Or: The room I want to use is not visible on 25Live.2016-06-25T10:22:39-06:00

There are select rooms on campus that are available for Dean and/or Administrator use only.

What fees will I be charged for my event?2016-06-25T10:21:32-06:00

The cost of holding an event will vary between locations, since event policies are different from building to building. In general, you should be prepared to pay fees for the following:

  • Room rental
  • Set-up & strike
  • Clean-up & other work orders
  • Catering
  • Parking Permits
  • Audiovisual, video, and technology services
Can I have a CES Event Manager coordinate my event?2016-06-25T10:20:58-06:00

If your event is in a space we do not manage, we charge a $350 service fee to coordinate the logistics and service orders for you.

Can I have alcohol at my event?2016-06-25T10:20:26-06:00

Yes, alcohol must be approved by campus safety through the online Alcohol Event Registration Form. All alcohol must be served by a licensed bartender who works for an approved caterer. For more information, refer to the Event Planning Guide.

I am a DU student – how do I book a room or plan an event on campus?2016-06-25T10:19:30-06:00

Different procedures apply for student organizations planning events on campus. Students planning an event through a DU student organization should use the Student Event Planning Guide at http://www.du.edu/studentlife/campuslife/eventplanningguide/

I am not a DU employee, faculty member, or student and would like to plan an event on campus.2020-05-11T14:00:33-06:00

We welcome visitors and outside organizations to inquire about renting our facilities for an event or other function. Please select the type of event you are planning for additional information:

Is the chapel wired for sound?2016-06-25T10:15:42-06:00

The Chapel has excellent acoustics so there is no need for voice amplifications. If couples want to play music they can bring in their own device.

Can we use the organ in the chapel?2016-06-25T10:15:11-06:00

The chapel has an appointed organist named Jim Hill at 720-859-6932 or hillrayj@msn.com

Jim controls his own schedule and payment for his services, so couples should reach out to him directly to confirm availability and pricing.

Can I reserve the Tuscan Ballroom?2016-06-25T10:14:39-06:00

The Tuscan Ballroom is operated by the Knoebel School of Hospitality Management. For more information please view their website.

Do I have to be affiliated with DU to get married there?2017-01-09T19:01:00-07:00

While many wedding clients are DU students, alumni, faculty or staff, you do not have to be affiliated with DU in order to hold your wedding here. We welcome all visitors and members of the community to inquire about our wedding venues.

Can I bring my own officiant for my wedding ceremony?2016-06-25T10:13:23-06:00

Yes, we do not provide officiants for weddings so you are encouraged to bring your own. Please refer to our vendors page for recommendations.

Can you recommend a vendor for my wedding2016-06-25T10:12:27-06:00

Please refer to our vendors page for a list of local florists, photographers, and other services.

Can I bring candles?2016-06-25T10:16:59-06:00

Candles are permitted only during wedding ceremonies in the Evans Memorial Chapel. All other locations require a Special Event Open Flame Permit. Please visit our Policies & Procedures page for more information.

Can I have sparklers/rice/birdseed at my wedding?2016-06-25T10:10:50-06:00

Due to fire safety precautions, fireworks (including sparklers) are not allowed anywhere on the University of Denver campus. Fireworks are also illegal in the City and County of Denver. Rice and birdseed are not allowed on campus either. We recommend the use of bubbles.

Will the fountains around the Chapel/Humanities Garden be on for my wedding?2016-06-25T10:10:11-06:00

The fountains are usually turned on in early May and turned off and emptied in mid-October, but the exact date depends on weather. For weddings October through April, we cannot guarantee the fountains will be on.

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